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Spring is here and it’s time to clear out the old to make room for new. Your home, garden, and body can benefit from taking some time to refresh and rejuvenate...

At home, I have been working on reorganizing my arts and crafts. Being creative feeds my soul in many ways. I love the process of having an idea but not feeling attached to the outcome. This allows room to explore what is possible and even surprise myself. But when clutter is present it distracts me from my focus and being present in my craftsmanship.

Same goes for my kitchen, it has been a great practice to take everything out of the fridge and freezer, check expiration dates, thoroughly clean the shelves, and put back what I am keeping. I become inspired to create delicious meals because I have cleared out everything that does not serve me or my health.

Spring cleaning my garden is possibly my favorite part of spring. Removing weeds and planting seeds. There is something so gratifying about this process for me. Instant gratification comes from seeing the clean look of no more weeds. The excitement of all my new babies to come popping up in the next couple weeks provides a future to look forward to. Nurturing my plants daily gives me purpose and fights off the winter blues.

Our bodies can use some spring cleaning too. Massage has so many benefits, including increased circulation and detoxification. We are made up of mostly water. Have you ever noticed how fresh and clean moving water is compared to stagnant water?

Scar tissue and inflammation can cause stagnation and clutter in our bodies. Reward your body for all the hard work it does by putting aside time to tune in and check out what is happening in your body by booking a massage today.

-Kristin White, CMT

You can book a massage with Kristin and Sarah at

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