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3 Ways to Connect with Yourself

1. Shower

Shower not just to clean yourself but to take a moment to dive into your senses. Choose a body cleanser that takes you on a journey. Wild Fir body cleanser will transport you to an alpine forest on a rainy day. Using circular motions, feel your entire body piece by piece. As you take the time to inhale and exhale slowly, breathe in the calming scent of the wet forest trees. Feel the warm water wash away the pollution of the city as you exhale. Continue to breathe slowly as you allow the water and your hands to grace your largest organ.

2. Shave

Shave. Get down to your bare skin and enjoy the feel of your silky texture below. Start with running warm water on the areas and notice the way the water trickles through your hairs. Prep the area by gently exfoliating with Crushed Pearl in circular motions. Before rinsing your hands, rub them together to soften calluses, remove dry skin, and heighten the experience of touch on your finger tips. Then rinse the delicious lemon and lavender scented exfoliant from your body and hands. Using your favorite razor and a generous amount of Herb-Infused Save Gele, strip by strip remove the unwanted hair. As you rinse it all away, notice how the water slips across your newly unveiled smooth skin.

3. Moisturize

After patting your skin dry, reward your freshly shaven skin with a couple squirts of Hydrosol Aftershave. Notice how these sweet bits of skin instantly feel calm and nourished. Then take your favorite oil, cream, lotion, balm, or butter and generously massage your whole body. Tell yourself how grateful you are for all that you have accomplished with this body. Be grateful that this body has taken you through adventures, stayed up late, got up way too early, and endured risky situations but has continued to heal and support you through it all.

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