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Dr. Liz and Dr. Erin will no longer be billing directly to insurance as of January 1, 2023...

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

As insurance has continued to restrict the quality of care that we can provide to our patients that is covered, we have decided to stop billing insurance directly. This was not an easy decision, as we understand people want the ease of direct billing to their insurance. We hope that you see the value in our style of care for you, and therefore understand our decision. Our approach is refreshingly different than other chiropractic offices. We incorporate muscle release, stretching, traction, corrective exercises and lifestyle modifications along with the chiropractic adjustment. These services are being restricted by the insurance or denied completely. This means we often times are giving away our valuable time in order to provide you with the care you deserve. Rest assured, this does not mean you cannot use your insurance for our services, it simply means we are taking ourselves out of the equation between you and your health insurance. What would your visit look like in 2023...You will pay the entire amount of the visit at the time of your visit ($80 for a 30 minute session, or $40 for a 15 minute session). We will email you a detailed superbill that includes the insurance related billing codes. You will upload that receipt to your insurance portal under "submit a claim" option. The insurance will reimburse you the amount that they would have paid us. If you are currently not using insurance, there will be no change to your current pricing structure. We just keep on truckin'. As proud providers for the Veterans Affair program, we will continue to accept referrals and coverage from the VA Health Program. We thank you for your service. If you have more questions about this process you may find some answers here. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Liz for any specific questions you may have regarding this at With all that being said, we are pleased to offer prepaid plans for bundled visits that significantly discount the price per visit for 30 minutes appointments.

Those are as follows: 6 visits for $450 ($75 each) 8 visits for $560 ($70 each) 10 visits for $650 ($65 each) 12 visits for $720 ($60 each) We understand that with this change in billing may not be able to work for everyone, and although it saddens us, we have to also do what is best for our families and stand up for the healthcare that fits our philosophy. It's just not in our nature to provide you with a 5-10 minute, in and out, robotic, type of chiropractic care. If you want to take the opportunity to use the rest of your insurance benefits before January 1, 2023, you can use this link schedule. Thank you!!!!!

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